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14 Years of Experience in IT Solutions

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Who We Are

Welcome to Innovandio, a leading Berlin based business consulting firm that helps companies leverage the power of technological innovations to foster growth. Our team of experts can give your business competitive advantage using the latest technology in the field of Machine Learning and AI.

We believe that every business is unique, therefore we develop customized solutions for you and your customers.

From Salesforce solutions to process optimization and software development, we offer a range of services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team is passionate about staying at the forefront of industry developments and is always looking for ways to innovate hence we carry our passion for innovation in our name.

Awards Winning Company

Proudly recognized as an award-winning company in startup IT solutions and business development.

Startup IT Solution & Business Dev

Elevate your business with our acclaimed expertise and innovation in IT solutions and business development.

Our Story

Discover our journey, from humble beginnings to becoming a leading force in startup IT solutions and business development.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated professionals behind our success, driven by a shared passion for innovation and excellence.

Our Commitment

Learn about our unwavering commitment to tailoring solutions to your unique needs and challenges, and how your success is our measure of achievement.

Our Focus

App Development for Startups

Our team understands the challenges early stage companies face. We've created top-notch apps for various startups, so we've taken a unique approach that combines traditional and new methods to develop quality startup apps.

Enterprise application development

We know how business applications differ from regular software. We have customized and launched unique web and mobile solutions that meet enterprise level needs. Our portfolio demonstrates our high quality standards regardless of product.

Product planning and strategy

We offer a complete product development and strategy team that dives deep to identify market opportunities, develop long-term mobile strategy and create product roadmaps. These features help increase your ROI and set us apart from other mobile and web app development companies.

Rescue projects

Successfully rescuing projects from the brink of failure is something we have done many times in the past. By combining our skilled expertise with a documented process, we quickly resolve core development issues, bottlenecks, and performance and usability issues.

Meet Our Team

Andreas Eiselt

Andreas Eiselt


Denny Glück

Denny Glück

Head of Sales

Adrian Sanchez

Adrian Sanchez

Software Engineer